—Call Jean Stettler ( 570/476-1308) or email Dan Crawford at .
—Give the name and contact information (email address or phone) for each attendee and we will hold a seat for that person only. (Please advise us of any cancellations.)
—Reservations are for general seating (first-come-first-served); we do not reserve individual seats. We will hold your seat until 5 minutes before concert time.
—We encourage you to come, and bring a guest, even if you do not have a reservation. Last year, no one was turned away. But when we reach our capacity (of 75), we are full.
—You can reach me (Dan Crawford) by phone at 402/483-1157 (until May 1) or 570/421-5748 (after May 6).

Visit our website: ( for more information about our series and venue, photos, updates, and programs for each concert (posted closer to the date).